अमेज़न क्विज Amazon Quiz answers win- Xbox One S Gaming Console 11 April 2020

अमेज़न क्विज Amazon Quiz answers win- Xbox One S Gaming Console11 April 2020: submit all correct Answers of the Amazon Daily Quiz Answers and Chance to Win  Xbox One S Gaming ConsoleToday 11 th April 2020. This Amazon Quiz Contest can be participated every day from 08.00 AM to 12.00 PM through the Amazon App (Quiz).

अमेज़न क्विज Amazon Quiz answers win - Win Xbox One S Gaming Console on 11th April 2020

Question 1 of 5-The daughter of Gokuladas and Vrajkunwerba Kapadia born on this date (11 April) in 1869 was the mother to Harilal, Manilal, Ramdas and Devdas. Who was she?

Kamala Nehru
Kasturba Gandhi
Sarojini Naidu
Umabai Kundapur

Question 2 of 5-Dr. Balram Bhargava is the current Director-General of which Government of India institution?

Election Commission

Question 3 of 5-Which group video chatting app, which has recently had a sudden burst of popularity was launched by Life on Air, Inc. in 2016?

Question 4 of 5-Dzongkha is the national and official language of which neighbouring country of India?

Question 5 of 5-Which global institution recently issued 'Pandemic Bonds' for the first time to raise money for the COVID-19 crisis?
World Bank
Asian Development Bank
European Investment Bank

Summary of Amazon Quiz Answers Today :

  1. Amazon Quiz Name: Amazon Daily Quiz
  2. Amazon Quiz Date: 11 April, 2020
  3. Amazon Quiz Time: 08.00 Hrs to 12.00 hrs.
  4. Amazon Quiz Prize: Xbox One S Gaming Console
  5. Today Total Winners: 01 (One)
  6. Today winners Announcement: 30 April, 2020

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