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IND Money Quiz Answers Today

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IND Money Quiz Answers Today 8 November 2022 & win an Apple token

Q1# Alphabet's (Google) highest PE (price-to-earnings) ratio in the last 1-year was 29. What is its latest PE (November 4th)?

Q1# Fusion Micro Finance, a lender to women entrepreneurs, is raising $1,100 Cr through an IPO. How many active borrowers does it have?
1 Million
2 Million
3 Million

4 Million

Q1# Bikaji, one of the largest manufacturers of Bikaneri Bhujia, is looking to raise ₹881 Cr through IPO. How much Bhujia did it produce last year?
1,000 tonnes
10,000 tonnes
20,000 tonnes

30,000 tonnes

Q1# Maruti Suzuki, founded in 1983, sells approx. 16 vehicles and exports to almost 100 countries. How many vehicles has it produced thus far?
1 Crore
2 Crore
2.5 Crore

5 Crore

Q1# Why is Airbnb share price falling?
CEO resignation
Plans to delist the company
Weak bookings forecast

Q1# Why did Ford report a loss of $827 million in the Sept 2022 quarter?
Weak vehicle demand
Losses from investments in Agro AI
Lockdowns in China

Q1# Bharti Airtel earned ₹34,526.8 crores in revenue during the September quarter. What was its average revenue per user (ARPU) in the quarter?


Q1# Bharti Airtel earned a net income of ₹2,145 crores during the September quarter. What is its overall customer base across 16 countries?
100 million
200 million
300 million

500 million

Q1# Which automobile giant owns both Chevrolet and Cadillac?
General Motors
Daimler AG

Q1# Which electronic sub-systems & cable harness manufacturing firm, with global defense & aerospace leaders as clients, is raising money from IPO?
DCX System
Paras Defence
Data Patterns

Henry Cavill

Q1# How much dividend has McDonald's announced in the September 2022 quarter?
$2 per share
$1 per share
$1.52 per share

Deputy Prime Minister

Q1# How much revenue did iPhones generate in the September 2022 quarter?
$36.2 billion
$40.3 billion
$42.6 billion

$50.1 billion

Q3# What was the US' economic (GDP) growth in the July-September quarter of 2022?


Q2# How many vehicles did Maruti Suzuki sell in July-September 2022?
1.1 lakh
2.2 lakh
5.17 lakh
None of the above

Q1# Why did Maruti Suzuki rally 9.1% this week?
Strong Q2 earnings
Plans to buyout Tata Motors
Electric car launch in November 2022
None of the above

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What is IND Quiz?
IND Quiz is a knowledge-based game, where IND money users can participate and answer about future events

What is an Apple Token?
Apple tokens are collectibles that can be won for every correct & eligible IND Quizzes answer

What is the use of an Apple Token?
Users need to collect 3 Apple Tokens to participate in a lucky draw

What happens when I participate in the lucky draw?
You can redeem 3 tokens to participate in a lucky draw. At the end of the lucky draw, you will earn a reward card for the tokens that you have redeemed. You must participate in the lucky draw within 30 days of acquiring your 3th token

Do my stock rewards expire?
Yes. If you don't claim your rewards, they expire after 30 days from the date when you received the reward. However, rewards that you have claimed are part of your reward holdings and don't expire. You can redeem any fraction of these holdings whenever you want.

I have correctly answered the quiz but the token is not yet credited.
The credit of a token can take up to 1 hour post declaration of the answer. Please check back after some time

How can sharing help me earn ₹1000*?
You will earn ₹1000 worth US Stocks when your friend joins IND money and fund his/her US Stock account with more than ₹5000. You will earn ₹250, if your friend funds less than ₹5000.

Will I get token for all quizzes?
No, you will only get tokens for correct answer on quizzes on which it's explicitly mentioned about the token.

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