Amazon Daily Quiz Answers Today 15 October 2022 & win 2500

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Amazon Daily Quiz Answers Today 15 October 2022 & win 2500

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So, Play the  Amazon Daily Quiz Answers for 15th October, 2022 and enter the all 5 answers correctly, you can stand a chance to win Amazon Pay Balance daily.

Amazon Daily Quiz Today Information

  • Today’s Amazon Quiz Prize: Rs. 2500
  • Total Winner: 05 Winners
  • Amazon Quiz Period: 15th October 2022
  • Amazon Quiz Time: 00.00.01 hrs to 23.59.59 hrs
  • Winners List Declaration Date: 16th October 2022

Amaozn Daily Quiz Answers

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers Today 15th October 2022 & 2500 Win Amazon Pay Balance

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Amazon Daily Quiz Answers 14th October 2022

Correct Answers 1: Billie Jean King
Correct Answers 2: Vikas Bahl
Correct Answers 3: UAE
Correct Answers 4: Rotterdam
Correct Answers 5: Ferdinand

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers 13th October 2022

Correct Answers 1: John Mcenroe
Correct Answers 2: Vikram
Correct Answers 3: herSTART
Correct Answers 4: Los Angeles
Correct Answers 5: Freddie Mercury

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers 12th October 2022

Correct Answers 1: David Goffin
Correct Answers 2: Bali
Correct Answers 3: Pankaj Tripathi
Correct Answers 4: Andy Warhol
Correct Answers 5: Badrinath

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers 11th October 2022

Correct Answers 1: 16
Correct Answers 2: Mohan Raja
Correct Answers 3: New Zealand
Correct Answers 4: Havana
Correct Answers 5: Honda

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers 6 May 2022 & 40k Win Amazon Pay Balance

1# In 2022, Saudi Arabia restored ties with which country after settling a 30-year row over a scandal involving stolen jewels?
Correct Answer 1 is : Thailand

Q2# Which author released the book "A Little Book of India: Celebrating 75 Years of Independence"?
Correct Answer 2 is : Ruskin Bond

Q3# Which of these has initiated monitoring of temporal and spatial distribution of marine litter along the Indian coasts and adjacent seas?
Correct Answer 3 is : Ministry of Earth Sciences

Q4# Which of these companies was not started in a garage?
Correct Answer 4 is : Nokia

Q5# This edible item was invented by a __. Fill in the blanks
Correct Answer 5 is : Dentist

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers 5 May 2022 & 40k Win Amazon Pay Balance

1# Will Smith was in the news for slapping whom during the 2022 Oscars?
Correct Answer 1 is : Chris Rock

Q2# Which of these countries is expected by 2023 to become the 4th country to take humans to space, after the US, Russia and China?
Correct Answer 2 is : India

Q3# The Jadar project, which got revoked due to protests, was one of the biggest foreign investments in which country?
Correct Answer 3 is : Serbia

Q4# The Chakra featured in this flag, has how many spokes?
Correct Answer 4 is : 24

Q5# What was the originally proposed name for this company's famous operating system Windows?
Correct Answer 5 is : Interface Manager

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers 4 May 2022 & 10k Win Amazon Pay Balance

1# Which of these badminton players recently won the Swiss Open women's singles title?
Correct Answer 1 is : PV Sindhu

Q2# By virtue of the Best Picture triumph of 'CODA' which became the first streaming service to win a Best Picture Oscar?
Correct Answer 2 is : Apple

Q3# Airtel recently completed acquisition of 4.7% stake in Indus Towers from which group?
Correct Answer 3 is : Vodafone

Q4# This is the flag of which country?
Correct Answer 4 is : Croatia

Q5# This famous playwright was known as 'The Bard of ___'. Fill in the blanks
Correct Answer 5 is : Avon

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers 3 May 2022 & 10k Win Amazon Pay Balance

1# Who was the only batter to score a half century in the opening game of the 2022 IPL?
Correct Answer 1 is : MS Dhoni

Q2# Patrick Stewart will appear as what iconic character in the new Marvel movie 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness'?
Correct Answer 2 is : Professor X

Q3# Which of these high courts recently granted bail to Gautam Thapar, in the Yes Bank case?
Correct Answer 3 is : Bombay High Court

Q4# This is the beautiful city of Queenstown in which country?
Correct Answer 4 is : New Zealand

Q5# This is a memorial to which famous musician in Strawberry Fields, New York?
Correct Answer 5 is : John Lennon

Correct Answers 1: MS Dhoni
Correct Answers 2: Professor X
Correct Answers 3: Bombay High Court
Correct Answers 4: New Zealand
Correct Answers 5: John Lennon

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers 2 May 2022 & 5k Win Amazon Pay Balance

1# Who among these Indian badminton players recently reached the Men's Singles Final of the Swiss Open?
Correct Answer 1 is : HS Prannoy

Q2# Which famous actor known for playing an iconic role from DC Comics, features in the Marvel movie 'Thor: Love and Thunder'?
Correct Answer 2 is : Christian Bale

Q3# Battery maker Cygni Energy Private Limited is looking to invest $40 million to set up a manufacturing plant near which city?
Correct Answer 3 is : Hyderabad

Q4# The flag of which country can be seen in this visual?
Correct Answer 4 is : Tunisia

Q5# Which of these was the first book to be published featuring this iconic character in the central role?
Correct Answer 5 is : Tintin in the Land of the Soviets

Correct Answers 1: HS Prannoy
Correct Answers 2: Christian Bale
Correct Answers 3: Hyderabad
Correct Answers 4: Tunisia
Correct Answers 5: Tintin in the Land of the Soviets

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