Amazon VU 4K TV Quiz - When was the Vu Cinema TV launched?

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So let's see the verified answer of Amazon VU 4K TV Quiz.

When was the Vu Cinema TV launched? Amazon Quiz Answers

Q1# When was the Vu Cinema TV launched?

Q2# MEMC feature for the gaming lovers in Vu Cinema TV Action Series stands for?
Motion enhancement, Motion compression
Motion equalizer, Motion Capturing
Motion estimation, Motion compensation
Motion estimation, Motion callibration

Q3# What picture technology did Vu TVs invent?
Toughened Glass Technology
Gorilla Glass Technology
Unbreakable Glass Technology
Pixelium Glass Technology

Q4# What does Vu stands for?
Very Unique
Volume unit
Virtual Utility

Q5# Vu is known for which type of TVs?
Luxury TVs
High end TVs
Android TVs
All options

Q6. Where is TCL products manufactured in India?


Correct Answers 1: Jan-20
Correct Answers 2: Motion estimation, Motion compensation
Correct Answers 3: Pixelium Glass Technology
Correct Answers 4: View
Correct Answers 5: All options
Correct Answers 6: Tirupati
When was the Vu Cinema TV launched?

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