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4th Registration Question -The Big Picture Online Today Registration Question with Answer for 20-21 July, 2021

3rd Registration Question -The Big Picture Online Today Registration Question with Answer for 19-20 July, 2021

Hi Participates, If you are searching for The Big Picture Show Online Registration Question Answer Today 20-21 July, 2021  then this is the accurate and reliable website for you, which provide correct answers of The Big Picture Online Registration Question with answer. 

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How to Online Registration for Ranbir Singh Show The BIg Picture

  • Download the application (Voot or My Jio application) from the application store or log on to Please note, the application download is free of cost, however data charges may apply. For further details on data charges, please contact your service provider.
  • Enter your mobile number. Please note that we will be able to get in touch with you only if the mobile number you have shared is registered with the service provider in India.
  • Select your age from the options provided. Please note that only those Registrants will be considered for participation in the Show who have completed 18 years of age as on July 17, 2021.

  • Choose your gender.
  • Select your education.
  • Select your occupation.
  • Please select your area of residence as per the options provided (you should have documented proof for your address)
  • Please select your answer option (A/B/C/ D) for the general knowledge-based question to complete the registration process.

  • The Registrants have to download MyJio application on their phone from Android Play Store/ Apple Store. Downloading MyJio application is free of cost, however data charges may apply. For further details the Registrants may contact his/her relevant telecom service provider. Jio mobile SIM customers will be automatically logged / registered into MyJio application. Non-Jio mobile SIM customers will have to complete the registration through an OTP process. OTP is generated as soon as you submit your Mobile number. In case it is not received, please check the number you have entered and click the ‘Resend’ button. Once the above registration process on MyJio application is completed Registrants shall be identified on the basis of such mobile number registered with MyJio application (“Registered MyJio Account”).
  • Under the JioEngage tab on MyJio application, Registrants shall click on the ‘The Big Picture’ banner. The Registrants may select the language of their choice (Hindi or English) and click on the Play Now button to participate. The Registrants have to submit the required details such as Name, Mobile number, email ID, Gender, Region, Date of Birth, Educational Qualification and Occupation and any other such details as required by Viacom18 and upon agreeing to Rules and Regulations (referred to as ‘T&Cs’ on JioEngage continue onto the Picture Quiz.) Read in Details terms and condition on voot app click here

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4th Registration Question -The Big Picture Online Today Registration Question with Answer for 20-21 July, 2021

Q. What does the signal in this picture indicate?
A.Innings declaration
B.Substitute player
C.Requesting Third-umpire review
D.Drinks break

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PROCEDURE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE SHOW: Big picture registration step by step

  • 1(one) question having 4 (four) multiple-choice answer options, will be aired each day during the promotions of the Show on the Channel, beginning from July 17, 2021 to July 27, 2021. A total of ten (10) unique questions will be asked. The promotions will be aired inviting all the viewers who have access to website or on the applications, to register for the Show. The website and mobile acceptance for each question shall be open for the next twenty-four (24) hours i.e. beginning from 09:30:00 PM (IST) to next day 09:29:29 PM (IST) only every day.
         Read in detials terms and condition on voot app click here
  • Viewers who are interested in participating in the Show, need to log in to (“Website”), the Voot app and/or JioEngage (hereinafter together referred to as the “Platform(s)”) and need to register therein as per the details as required in Annexure A below. This will be a one-time registration required in the Platform(s) from each of the Registrant(s).
  • Once the Registrant(s) have successfully registered themselves on any of the Platform(s), the Participant shall be directed to the question page, on the Platform(s). The questions will be aired as per the schedule decided by Viacom18, which will stay live for 24 hours.
  • The registration using the Platforms (, the Voot app and JioEngage) will together be referred to as “Entry” for participating should have been completed on or before closing of the defined timelines in order to be considered as a valid entry (“Valid Entry/ies”).
  • The cellular number from which the registration is received or has been input by the Registrant(s) will be used as a unique identification number received to identify the Registrant. Valid Entries sent each day shall only be considered for the random selection process for that day (a day is defined as a 24-hour period commencing from 9:30:00 PM to 9:29:29 PM the next day) for each applicable Period.
  • Each Participant shall be allowed to answer only once for each question and multiple entries for the same question won’t be allowed.
  • In case of multiple entries received during the 10 day window from the same mobile number, only the first valid entry will be considered for each mobile number registered through each mode of entry for each call for entry question.
  • All Valid Entries shall be considered for the random selection process by a randomizer agency appointed by Viacom18 (“Agency”).
  • JioEngage shall furnish to Viacom18, and/or any official representative appointed by the Viacom18, data provided by the Registrants, relevant only to the participation, and the Registrant hereby expressly consents to the sharing of any such data to Viacom18 and/or its official representative.
  • JioEngage accepts no liability and shall not be responsible and/or liable in any manner whatsoever in case the Registrant is unable to register due to failure on the part of the telecom operator, facility provider, device compatibility etc., or due to capacity constraints.
  • All attempts will be made on best efforts basis by JioEngage to protect the data submitted to it by the Registrant from loss and corruption, but in the event such data loss happens, MyJio application may have to continue with whatever data is available, or in any other manner as it may deem reasonable. JioEngage should not be held responsible for any loss of data or the action taken on account of the same. JioEngage will not be held responsible to make good any such loss or dissatisfaction on account of such loss.
  • JioEngage will take reasonable efforts to ensure that there is no security breach at its end in the course of conduct of the Show and/or that there is no data / loss of entries and/or any other loss at its end. However, in the event of a security breach and/or data/ loss of entries and/or any other loss for any reasons whatsoever, whether at MyJio application’s end or at the end of JioEngage, JioEngage will not be responsible or liable in any manner whatsoever for any loss on account of any such instances as may be sustained by the Registrant. JioEngage shall have the right at all times to exclude or disregard any entry casted during any period where a security breach or data/ loss of entry or any other loss occurs.
  • The Registrant acknowledges that all possible issues may not have been identified by JioEngage and agrees to hold harmless JioEngage and MyJio application for the application, network, process, technical or any other failures.
  • By participating through JioEngage, the Registrant hereby accepts and agrees MyJio’s privacy policy available at
  • Personal information of the Registrant will be collected, processed, shared and stored in accordance with MyJio’s privacy policy available at
  • From among all the entries received, a total of approximately 18,000 valid correct entries will be selected by the randomizer software.
  • While multiple entries from the same mobile telephone number will be considered by the randomizer software, once a mobile telephone number is chosen, it would not be chosen the second time during any of the rounds.
  • The Valid Entries will be shortlisted by the randomizer on a daily basis from the Valid Entries received for each day (defined as the period from 9:30:00 PM to 9:29:29 PM the next day).
  • The Shortlisting of Valid Entries by the randomizer will use the pre-defined reservation criteria on reasonable endeavors basis which is as follows:
  • In the event one or more cells of the grid are not capable of being completed by the randomizer software due to inadequate Valid Entries, the balance maybe filled at the discretion of the Company. Shortages in the grid on any one day could either be made up from other correct registrations of that day, incorrect registrations of that day, or in subsequent day.
  • A total of approximately 18,000 valid correct entries of the Registrants received will be called-back through a call centre on the number used for registration as per the details available with the Company, from July 18, 2021 to July 30, 2021
  • Note: Timelines are subject to change based on degree of participation, technical issues, force majeure reasons, etc.

Online test for the Individuals (Online Test)

  • All Auditionees will be required to give an online general knowledge test;
  • All Auditionees need to log into the colors website on the date and time as has been informed to them to take the online general knowledge test. Auditionees logging in later than the time allotted to them will not be eligible for participation.
  • There will be approximately 20 questions for the Online Tests.
  • The Auditionees will have a certain fixed amount of time (approx. 20 seconds each) to fill out their answer options (A / B / C / D), on their answer sheet online.
  • Video upload for the individuals (Video Submission(s))
  • Once the Auditionees have completed their Online test, all Auditionees will be required to submit answers to a few questions about themselves through online video(s)
  • The Video Submission) will be on the lines of the Auditionee’s introduction, work, hobbies and family etc. (as per the specific guidelines provided on the app);
  • These videos will need to be uploaded on the Colors website as informed during the call outs.
  • All rights in the intellectual property rights in such Video Submission(s) shall vest with Viacom18 for perpetuity and for exploitation on all modes, mediums, and media.
  • The Auditionees represents and warrants that all the information and facts stated by him/her in the Video Submission shall be true and accurate.
  • All Auditionees have to complete the above two steps to move to the next round. The Auditionees need to score atleast 50% marks in the Online Tests in order to qualify for the next round and a cumulative score of the Online Test and of the Video Submission s will be the qualifying aspect for the next round of auditions. The Video Submissions will be evaluated by the Company representative’s basis creative requirements. The benchmark score is subject to change based on the Company’s sole discretion.
  • It is necessary for the Auditionee to have good internet connectivity and a smart phone or similar device throughout the Online Audition rounds to be eligible for further processing. No disputes will be entertained arising out of issues of internet connectivity loss or non-availability of smartphone or similar device.
  • The decision of the Company in connection with the Audition including but not limited to short listing the Auditionees will be final & binding and is non-contestable. In case of any dispute or difference in respect of this Audition, the decision of the Company shall be final and binding on all concerned.
  • The dates for the subsequent rounds of the Auditions will be subsequently informed to the relevant shortlisted Auditionees.
  • Written Test for the Individuals:
  • The Auditionees will be seated in a hall for the entrance test.
  • The doors to the room will shut at 9.00 am and 12pm basis the slot assigned to the auditionee at such time as the Company may decide in its sole discretion. Auditionees arriving later than such time will not be eligible for participation in the Auditions.
  • The Auditionees will be given a certain fixed amount of time to fill out their answer options (A / B / C / D), on their answer sheet.

Must read more terms and condition on voot app click here


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