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Amazon Daily Quiz Answers 17th April, 2020

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers 17th April, 2020

Question 1 of 5-Which was the first side to beat India in the current edition of the World Test Championship?

New Zealand
South Africa
Answer- New Zealand

Question 2 of 5-'Unlimited food for education' is the tagline of which NGO which has distributed more than 5000 grocery kits during the COVID- 19 crisis?

Uday Foundation
Give India
Akshaya Patra
Answer- Akshaya Patra

Question 3 of 5-Maidan is an upcoming biopic based on the life of which famous football coach?

Syed Nayeemuddin
Amal Dutta
Khalid Jamil
Syed Abdul Rahim
Answer- Syed Abdul Rahim

Question 4 of 5-April 10th, observed as World Homeopathy Day is the birthday of which famous German physician?

Dr Karl Brandt
Dr Robert Koch
Dr Gerhard Rose
Dr. Samuel Hahnemann
Answer- Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

Question 5 of 5-The logo of which of these apps on the Google Play Store features a heart along with a tick symbol?

Aarogya Setu
Answer- Aarogya Setu

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